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In my hearbet365 downloadt I bet365 downloadknow, I know

In my heart I know, I know

[Verse 2]

Everyone I know is in the fight of their life

And though a smile’s on a face you can feel it in their ey?s

In every victory and defeat and in all smothered dreams

In the baby bird that’s eaten by the snake in its sleep

Is there a rhythm to the mystery deep?

A melody that’s crying while she sings?

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In the quiet there’s a voice that beckons me

To listen to what I already know

Album Birdtalker direncanakan rilis pada 8 Oktober 2021 mendatang sebagai album panjang kedua mereka.

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In my heart I know, I know

[Verse 1]

I was told that if I wanted life, to believe

In the answers not the questions I could conceive

But like a child falling back to no arms underneath

I dropped into the unrelenting world of in-between

Behind the questions there’s a murmur echoing

A wordless sentence in between the lines

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In my heart I know, I know

In my heart I know, I know

In my heart I know, I know